The IT Staffing Industry Challenge: It’s NOT a Volume Game

One of our clients, frustrated while trying to fill an IT position said it clearly…

“I need your Tech People to help me find Tech People.”

He was so right. Our internal hiring processes were completely different from those being used by most IT staffing firms. We had seasoned IT personnel understanding our clients needs and evaluating the applicants – making sure the candidate’s skills and aptitude were exactly in-line with the client’s project, culture, and/or overall objectives.

“It’s more than just acronyms on a resume that makes a candidate a good fit.”

When we applied these basic concepts to help our client’s recruiting efforts, the results were irrefutable. Suddenly, instead of giving a hiring manager 30 resumes and having them all be mediocre, our methodology could present three candidates and our clients wanted to hire all three. We knew we were onto something and IT WorkSource was born.